Compass Adjusting has handled residential property insurance claims for years and we have the experience and know-how to work for any type of home. Whether you own a single family residence, townhouse, or large property our Compass Adjusting team will advocate for your interests during the entire residential claim process.

Residential claims can be tricky. There are several different types of insurance policies and it is vital to know what items are covered during a catastrophe. Our staff will walk through the entire claim process with you and help take on the load of this stressful situation. Having proper representation during the claim process as statistically proven to increase an insurance award, and help make your home whole again.

If your house has experienced damage, get in touch and we will quickly investigate and let you know how we can help!


Compass Adjusting has been retained in cases involving just about every type of residential loss over the years. See our case studies section for examples.


The types of issues that come up in residential losses are incalculable. The types of policies and coverages also vary greatly. Over the years, we have seen practices and procedures often turn up in home claims that would create negative results if not for us.

Our experience and our passion to work with client’s best interest as a priority, is the Compass Adjusting model for the successful adjustment of a residential loss.